About us

Human need for mass housing and compulsion for a cleaner environment has forced the world to adopt new products and technologies which are economical, user-friendly, cost-effective, easy-to-adapt, fastest construction, durable and environmentally friendly.

Rising Japan Infra Mumbai is a pioneer in this field and has done lot of research & development to come out with products meeting all demands of the changed parameters. Rising panels are the outcome of these efforts.

Rising EPS Cement panels are light-weight, energy saving, fire insulated, waterproof, weather proof, easy for construction, High strength and have many other advantages. It is produced in India now with automatic modern plants and technology from our principles in Japan. It is now the favorite product of building industry world over, be it a small house in the village or skyscrapers in modern cities, they are now in use. Under the make in India initiative, Rising Japan Infra Mumbai has setup a manufacturing facility in Pune Maharashtra.

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Our Scope of Work

Rising Japan Infra, Mumbai has been incorporated in India under ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ program of Government of India. Rising Japan Infra Private Limited is a member company of Rising Japan Infra Group and Hongfa Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd.

It has brought to India most modern housing technologies and products which are going to revolutionise the construction industry. These technologies are internationally patented and are being used in many countries under license from our Group.

The Building Material & Technology Promotion Council under Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation; Government of India, Central Public Works Department and Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation; Government of India has approved Rising EPS Cement Panels as approved product and technology to be used in the construction of all government and private projects and programs. So now India also has access to this modern housing technology.

Rising Japan Infra has set up fully imported modern automatic plants with this technology from our principles and now Rising EPS Cement Panels & Rising Pre-Stressed Hollow Core slabs are available locally for all your construction projects be it a single house or large project.