Rising Panels

Our unique Ready to instal Rising EPS Cement Panels are poised to revolutionize the Indian construction, taking it to a whole new level. Rising panels are made of two strong Calcium silicate/Fibre Reinforced cements facing sheets, on either sides of a lightweight EPS Cement, Fly ash core and bonding agents and additives.

Apart from fully cured at factory itself Rising panels have unique tongue and groove joining system to facilitate rapid construction with minimum effort.


Residential and Commercial
Rural Housing
Low Cost Housing
Hospitals and Schools
Highways and Bridges Side Wall Railings

Compound Walls
Hotels and Resorts
Railway and Metro Stations
Upto 2 Floor Houses without Pillar Support
Areas needing Fast Coverage & Non-Load Bearing Application



1. Calcium Silicate Board has highest surface hardness and smoothest surface finish.
2. EPS helps achieve great insulation and makes panel light weight.
3. Our patented additives help achieve tight bonding of mixture which gives panel its strength and makes it durable and long lasting for years.
Size and Weight
Height : 8ft
Width : 2ft
Thickness : 60, 90, 120 mm
Rising Panel Weight Kg / m2
Rising Panel 60mm 40
Rising Panel 90mm 54
Rising Panel 120mm 64
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